A range of functions as standard

  • Standing function
  • Recline function
  • Tilt in space function
  • Seat raiser function
  • Seat back recliner

Pressure relieving seating and upholstery

  • Memory foam padding
  • Water resistant, breathable fabrics
  • Anti-bacterial
  • Made to measure

Built in commode facility

  • Helps with awkward toileting
  • Easy to use and maintain
  • A range of options available
  • Comes as standard if required

Size and proportions

  • 23” wide, so fits through doorways with ease
  • 37” long and turns on its own axis
  • Easily maneuverable in tight spaces
  • Folds away into a compact cube

Puncture proof tires

  • Gel composite filled tires
  • Enhanced durability
  • A range of treads available to suit your lifestyle

Minimal sheer seating technology

  • Unique and patented system
  • Genie seating moves with your body minimalising sheer
  • Helps with clothing adjustments
  • Relieves pressure and maximises comfort from reclining through to standing

Seat Riser

  • Rises up to 8 inches in a seating position
  • Helps with hard to reach areas in and around the home
  • Helps with difficult transfers
  • Adaptable seating position

A wide range of posture supports

  • Lateral supports
  • Hip and chest supports
  • Shoulder and neck supports
  • Headrests and leg supports

Seat back recliner

  • Added comfort through a range of positions
  • Provides a higher degree of comfort
  • Fitted as standard

And with its wide range of features as standard, it’s a standing wheelchair designed to suit your requirements

Light and compact when stored and easily folds away into a cube, making it ideal for transportation on planes or in non-converted vehicles. Enabling you to do more and go further in comfort.

Everyones needs can change. All the Genie Standing Wheelchair’s facilities and functions can be added or removed easily at any time to suit any level of dependency. Our base unit is easily adapted to accommodate a wide range of additional features.

Appropriate for all levels of dependency from our basic model through to a complete care system tailored to each individual.

In terms of its core function, the Genie V2 Standing Wheelchair’s refined operating system allows users to go from a sitting to standing position with ease and in comfort.