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Designers of bespoke, custom wheelchairs and mobility products

EasyRise Ltd

Based in the Midlands, the engineering centre of the UK, here at EasyRise we are always seeking new and innovative ways to make standing a possibility for everyone.

Our skilled team of engineers have an extensive knowledge in the field, building our amazing standing wheelchairs and providing customer support, ensuring every Genie Standing Wheelchair user gets first class support and a friendly face! We can also create custom, bespoke wheelchairs and mobility products.

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Genie V2 Standing Wheelchair

Developed over a 15 year period, starting with the first manual version in 1999 to the current fully automated V2. The Genie V2 Standing Wheelchair has been inspired by over a decade of user feedback, which enables the Genie to accommodate a wide range of users with individual requirements.


If you have any bespoke requirements in mind, don’t hesitate to let us know. When it comes to your comfort and mobility nothing is too much. The EasyRise team are always at hand to customise and design bespoke wheelchairs and mobility products to suit your needs.