• Designed and
    built by EasyRise Ltd
    in the UK

  • Customised to your exact needs & specifications

  • Providing independence
    and comfort through standing

Genie Standing Wheelchair, Upright Wheelchairs & Mobility Products

Bought to you by EasyRise

At Genie Wheelchairs we pride ourselves on developing practical and affordable mobility products that make your day to day life that little bit easier. With the Genie V2 standing wheelchair, the ability to sit, recline, stand up and be mobile means the possibilities are endless.

The modular design can be altered at any time to suit requirements. With a wide range of extra features, made to measure seating and custom adaptions available – the Genie V2 standing wheelchair is tailored to your needs.

All of our standing wheelchairs include sit, recline and standing functions as standard. We also provide for an optional built-in commode facility.

Standing can provide everyday health benefits such as improving circulation and digestion, prevention of bladder problems and also assist with bone development and pressure management. Our mobility products will improve and maintain many aspects of your personal wellbeing as well as giving you vital posture management and comfort.

Our wheelchairs and standing frames are extremely compact and manoeuvrable, with the popular Genie V2 standing wheelchair being expertly designed to suit your normal everyday environment.

We believe the best way to see all that our wheelchairs and standing frames have to offer is to demonstrate the chair in your everyday environment, giving you the opportunity to see how it can revolutionise your day to day life.


Without question the “Genie” wheelchair has given me the freedom to do a vast array of activities and attend a vast array of places that I wouldn’t have otherwise been able to. I’m able to have eye to eye conversations with friends and family members and maintain the independence to live my life the way which I want to.

I discovered the Genie wheelchair and found I could carry on working. In the surgery I was able to put the wheelchair in the standing position and examine patients on my surgery couch and move around the surgery in the upright position.

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